Scalable Software & Solution: The Perfect Answer to Your Ecommerce Needs

Why should one use a scalable software and solution? Is scalable platform the perfect answer to your ecommerce limitations? Read and find out!

The online shopping trend is constantly on the rise and from what we can see, the future is pretty bright for online stores and ecommerce businesses.
Almost everyone today seems interested in purchasing products online and this is just one of the reasons why there is such a competition in the market. The ecommerce industry is growing and some of the following facts and numbers show how the ecommerce trend is the next big thing in the near future:

➢ Retail ecommerce industry is predicted to grow almost 60% or $684 billion by 2020
➢ Nowadays, over 50% of the customers prefer interacting with in-store system technology rather than a salesperson
➢ USA, UK, and China are the top 3 retail ecommerce markets
➢ In research of around 5000 people, over 80% said they need help during shopping online
➢ Mobile retail revenue is expected to rise to $335.8 billion by 2020
➢ More than 80% of web population has experience with shopping online
➢ Over 90% of Amazon shoppers would not buy a product that has a rating of fewer than 3 stars
➢ According to calculations by Amazon, the one-second delay can cost up to $1.6 billion in sales/year
➢ Most online shoppers prefer buying from a user-friendly customer service

Every online store needs basic elements, tools, and features to thrive in the a highly competitive market. There are 3 common challenges ecommerce stores face:

● Speed: The most important element of running an online store is speed. If you want to run a successful online store, you should have speedy load time as online shoppers don’t want to wait. Sometimes there are numerous extensions and plugins that can slow down your website. In situations like these, you need a scalable software and solution that can help you improve your speed and offer your customers an opportunity to enjoy your store while purchasing your products.

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● Scalability: Believe it or not, scalability is a huge problem for ecommerce stores. Promotional days, special occasions, holiday rush, and etc. are times where online stores have to have scalable resources. In order to solve scalability issues, using a highly scalable platform plays an important role in enhancing the performance of the web store. You’ll have no troubles once your business starts to grow and you can focus more on how to run your business and satisfy your customers than worrying about how to complete orders, updates, and more.
● Security: The security of online store is a must for serious businesses to gain the trust of customers. The ecommerce stores have sensitive data such as credit cards details, customer profiles, bank account information, and more. The best scalable ecommerce platforms come equipped with security measures ensuring yours and your customers’ details are protected.

So, is scalable software solution the answer to your ecommerce worries? Should you consider using a scalable ecommerce platform?
The answer is definitely yes. A scalable ecommerce platform has all the right features you need to run your ecommerce store. It offers speed that significantly improves the shopping experience and makes your store perform at its best. A scalable ecommerce solution can help you avoid downtime during holidays, special promotions, and peak traffic hours. The right platform will also take care of your website’s security and offers you the protection you need. Read more on the benefits of having an scalable platform for your business. 

All of this is absolutely necessary to run a successful online store and if you are thinking to use one, Shopify Plus is a great option for you. Try Shopify now and enjoy a secure, smooth, and speedy experience.

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